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Face Reading / Mian Xiang

My Experience

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Mian Xiang or Face Reading opened up a whole new world for me when I attended three Face Reading seminars with Master Issac Chung:

I now look at people’s faces in a totally different way. It is both serious and entertaining. Serious because it has given me a greater insight into a person’s character. Entertaining because you can tell people things about themselves which will surprise them and they will ask:

“How did you know that?”

It has helped me to understand myself much better and to look at friends, colleagues and clients and know a lot more about them. Above all it is extremely accurate.

How the Face is Analysed

The shape of a person’s face is analysed and then the face is divided into three sectors. It is then divided into 12 Rooms e.g. Room of Spouse, Room of Travel and Room of Money. The 5 elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal are used to determine different characteristics.

The face changes all the time. We were asked to look at photographs of us as young children, teenagers and adults and to see how different aspects of our life had affected us by looking at the shape of the face, freckles or moles and lines that had developed over time.


One of the most interesting things for me is to look at a person’s face and see the state of their health. A lot can be told when you know where and how to analyse the face as the susceptibility of a person to specific health issues can be seen.


When interviewing potential candidates for a position in a company, face reading can bring in-depth analysis of the individuals. It can tell if a person is a leader and team player or if they are better working by themselves. It can tell if they are analytical or a people person.


Can be done either in person or over email. Please write or phone for an appointment. Vicky Moane +97150 646 1417

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